Canadian firms turning to Asia

Canada introduced the Canada-Asia Trade and Investment for Growth Program (TRIGR) in 2013. It is designed to reduce poverty through inclusive economic growth using practical capacity-building initiatives to increase trade and investment-related economic activity in Asia. In support of Canadian foreign policy and trade objectives, the TRIGR development assistance program implements multi-country, regional, and country-specific programming approaches. It is an innovative mechanism designed to engage local and foreign private-sector entities in development initiatives.

Here are selected examples of expected project results:

Improved ability of ASEAN member countries to develop and tender bankable and effective, gender-sensitive and environmentally sustainable regional infrastructure public-private partnerships (ASEAN Infrastructure Centre of Excellence)
Expanded and improved investment services provided by 12 to 18 investment funds to 90 to 130 small and medium-sized enterprises committed to improving socially responsible business practices (A New Partnership for Sustainable Impact Investing in Frontier Markets)

The TRIGR program will implement projects that improve and promote trade and investment initiatives, in areas such as:

-private-sector access to financing
-financial services and capital markets
-public-private partnerships for infrastructure
-trade facilitation
-business development
-regional integration
-the extractive sector
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